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Investing with H&H Group

H&H Group is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong ("H&H INTL HLDG" stock code 1112). We first publicly traded on 17 December, 2010 under the name “BIOSTIME”, and changed our name to "H&H INTL HLDG" on 8 June 2017.

We run on an annual fiscal year, closing 31 December.

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Research Coverage

Citi ResearchTiffany Feng
CLSATerrance Liu
CICCWenbo Chen
JefferiesMark Yuan
Daiwa Capital MarketsAnson Chan
First ShanghaiAllen Yang
Goldman Sachs (Asia)Lincoln Kong
Macquarie GroupSunny Chow
Huatai SecuritiesYixin Luo
China RenaissanceCharlie Chen
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Investor Calendar

Daiwa Investment Conference Hong KongDaiwaHong Kong SARNov 2019
Citi Greater China ConferenceCitiMacauNov 2019
Credit Suisse China Investment ConferenceCredit SuisseShenzhenNov 2019
Goldman Sachs China ConferenceGoldman SachsShenzhenNov 2019
CLSA China Consumer Access WeekCLSALondonOct 2019
CLSA Investors’ ForumCLSAHong KongSep 2019
Citi’s GEM Conference New YorkCitiNew YorkSep 2019
Singapore RoadshowH&H GroupSingaporeSep 2019
Europe RoadshowH&H GroupLondonAug 2019
2019 Interim Results Analyst BriefingH&H GroupHong Kong SARAug 2019
Hong Kong RoadshowH&H GroupHong Kong SARAug 2019
Taipei RoadshowCitiTaipeiMay 2019
H&H Corporate DayH&H GroupGuangzhouMay 2019
Daiwa Investment ConferenceDaiwaLondonMay 2019
HSBC China ConferenceHSBCShenzhenMay 2019
CITIC China forumCITICQingdaoMay 2019
CLSA China forumCLSAQingdaoMay 2019
Nomura Consumer Corporate DayNomuraHong KongApr 2019
US RoadshowCitiNew York/Boston/San FranciscoApr 2019
Singapore RoadshowDaiwaSingaporeApr 2019
Europe RoadshowCLSALondonMar 2019
Hong Kong RoadshowCLSAHong KongMar 2019
Hong Kong RoadshowCitiHong KongMar 2019
dbAccess China Industrial Day (fixed income)Deutsche BankHong KongJan 2019
Goldman Sachs Hong Kong/China Corporate DayGoldman SachsHong KongJan 2019
dbAccess China ConferenceDeutsche BankShenzhenJan 2019
Citi Consumer Corporate DayCitiHong KongJan 2019
Daiwa Healthcare Corporate DayDaiwaHong KongJan 2019
UBS China ConferenceUBSShenzhenJan 2019
Citi Global Consumer ConferenceCitiLondonDec 2018
Macquarie Northeast Asia Corp DayMacquarieLondonDec 2018
Morgan Stanley Annual Asia Pacific SummitMorgan StanleySingaporeNov 2018
Taipei Non-Deal RoadshowCitiTaipeiNov 2018
Citi Greater China ConferenceCitiHong KongNov 2018
Daiwa Investment Conference Hong KongDaiwaHong KongNov 2018
US Non-Deal RoadshowGoldman SachsSan FranciscoNov 2018
HSBC China ConferenceHSBCNew YorkNov 2018
Jefferies Annual Greater China SummitJefferiesHong KongNov 2018
Goldman Sachs China ConferenceGoldman SachsShenzhenNov 2018
CLSA London ConferenceCLSALondonOct 2018
Europe Non-Deal RoadshowDaiwaLondon/FrankfurtSep 2018
CLSA Investors’ ForumCLSAHong KongSep 2018
Singapore Non-Deal RoadshowCLSASingaporeSep 2018
Hong Kong Non-Deal RoadshowCLSAHong KongAug 2018
Hong Kong Non-Deal RoadshowCitiHong KongAug 2018
dbAccess China Consumer & Media Corporate DayDeutsche BankHong KongJul 2018
Daiwa Hong Kong China Investment SeminarDaiwaTokyoJun 2018
Australia Non-Deal RoadshowMacquarieMelbourne, SydneyJun 2018
Investor DayH&H GroupMelbourneJun 2018
CITIC Investors’ ForumCITICHangzhouMay 2018
CLSA China Investors' ForumCLSAHangzhouMay 2018
HSBC China ConferenceHSBCShenzhenMay 2018
Taipei RoadshowCitiTaipeiMay 2018
US RoadshowCitiNew York,Boston,San FranciscoApr 2018
Daiwa China Corporate DayDaiwaSingaporeApr 2018
European RoadshowCLSALondon,Paris,EdinburghApr 2018
Hong Kong RoadshowCLSAHong KongMar 2018
Hong Kong RoadshowCitiHong KongMar 2018
Goldman Sachs Consumer Corporate DayGoldman SachsHong KongJan 2018
Citi Consumer Corporate DayCitiHong KongJan 2018
dbAccess China ConferenceDeutsche BankBeijingJan 2018
Citi Global Consumer Global ConferenceCitiLondonDec 2017
HSBC China ConferenceHSBCNew YorkNov 2017
Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific SummitMorgan StanleySingaporeNov 2017
Jefferies Greater China SummitJefferiesHong KongNov 2017
Australia Non-Deal RoadshowMacquarieMelbourne, SydneyOct 2017
Citi China Investor ConferenceCitiMacauOct 2017
CLSA Investors’ ForumCLSAHong KongSep 2017
UK Non-Deal RoadshowGoldman SachsLondon, EdinburghSep 2017
Goldman Sachs China ConferenceGoldman SachsShenzhenSep 2017
Singapore Non-Deal RoadshowCLSASingaporeAug 2017
Hong Kong Non-Deal RoadshowCitiHong KongAug 2017
dbAccess Consumer DayDeutsche BankHong KongJul 2017
UBS Asian Consumer ConferenceUBSHong KongJun 2017
Daiwa Hong Kong China Investment SeminarDaiwaTokyoJun 2017
BAML Innovative China ForumBAMLShenzhenJun 2017
HSBC China ConferenceHSBCShenzhenMay 2017
Shenzhen RoadshowIndustrial BankShenzhenApr 2017
US RoadshowCitiBoston, New York, San FranciscoApr 2017
Daiwa China Corporate DayDaiwaSingaporeApr 2017
European RoadshowMacquarieLondon, ParisApr 2017
Hong Kong RoadshowCitiHong KongMar 2017
Nomura Consumer and Gaming Corporate DayNomuraHong KongJan 2017
dbAccess China ConferenceDeutsche BankBeijingJan 2017
Citi Consumer Corporate DayCitiHong KongJan 2017
Shenzhen RoadshowIndustrial SecuritiesShenzhenDec 2016
Morgan Stanley Annual Asia Pacific SummitMorgan StanleySingaporeNov 2016
Nomura Asian High Yeild Corporate DayNomuraHong KongNov 2016
Citi China Investor ConferenceCitiHong KongNov 2016
Jefferies Annual Greater China SummitJefferiesHong KongOct 2016
Macquarie China ConferenceMacquarieLondonOct 2016
Hong Kong RoadshowCitiHong KongAug 2016
Industrial Securities Investor ConferenceIndustrial SecuritiesShanghaiJun 2016
Singapore RoadshowCICCSingaporeMay 2016
DBAccess Asia ConferenceDeutsche BankSingaporeMay 2016
Guotai Junan Investor ConferenceGuotai Junan SecuritiesChongqingApr 2016
BOCOM Shanghai RoadshowBOCOMShanghaiApr 2016
Shenwan Hongyuan Investor ConferenceShenwan Hongyuan SecuritiesHong KongApr 2016
Europe RoadshowBNP ParibasLondonApr 2016
Shenzhen RoadshowChina Merchants SecuritiesShenzhenApr 2016

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