Group Philosophy,Values and Foundations

At H&H we have a passion for human wellbeing. Our vision is focused on premium nutrition and lifetime wellness. Where nature meets science, we inspire wellness.

Our Brand Philosophy

Our mission to make people healthier and happier unites us.

We believe the secret to a happy life lies in the connection with wellness.

We aspire to bring the relationship between health and happiness closer together.

We are a global leader in advanced baby nutrition and care.

We are a global leader in premium quality vitamins and supplements.

Just as we nurture our families and friends we believe in caring for our whole being.

We can create positive social impacts by sharing our principles of mindfulness, nutrition and movement.

We advocate healthier lifestyles so people can live better and do more.

We recognize our origins and remain true to our heritage while shaping the future for generational wellness.

Our Values represent what is important to us and our behaviors describe how we bring our value to life every day. Values and behaviors are very important as they will shape the future of our organisation, focus our ways of working and help us all stay true to our mission and vision. When we connect through our Values we strengthen our culture, are clear on what is important and become a higher performing company. We will continue to honor and respect our incredible brand histories and language, they still inspire us as we grow and move forward to create our H&H Group story.