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The H&H Group is leading a journey of wellness. We chose this name – Health & Happiness – because we have a fundamental belief that the way we live our lives, and the choices we make, directly impact the joy we experience.

Brand Philosophy

At H&H we have a passion for human wellbeing.

Our mission to make people healthier and happier unites us. We believe the secret to a happy life lies in the connection with wellness. We aspire to bring the relationship between health and happiness closer together.

We are a global leader in advanced baby nutrition and care.
We are a global leader in premium quality vitamins and supplements.  

Just as we nurture our families and friends we believe in caring for our whole being. We can create positive social impacts by sharing our principles of mindfulness, nutrition and movement. We advocate healthier lifestyles so people can live better and do more.

We recognize our origins and remain true to our heritage while shaping the future for generational wellness.

We are passionate and we care. Our culture is the single most important part of our business and without this we cannot be successful in our mission. We inspire each other and share knowledge and ideas. We help each other to flourish, and remind ourselves that life is precious and should be celebrated every day. As one team, we stand for ‘possibility’.

Our vision is focused on premium nutrition and lifetime wellness. Where nature meets science, we inspire wellness.

H&H Group (previous name: Biostime Group) was founded in 1999 and listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 01112).

Our Brands

Our vision is focused on premium nutrition and lifetime wellness; where nature meets science, we inspire wellness. To inspire and achieve this vision, we’ve brought together four health and wellness brands from across the globe, under one aspirational collective. Working closely with our suppliers, we not only respect their traditions by telling their stories, but we inspire people of all ages to live better lives.


Swisse Wellness

Premium, proven and aspirational brand vitamins, supplements, skincare and sports nutrition. Available globally, Swisse products are backed by science and world-class manufacturing standards.

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Biostime has a long-standing reputation for expertise in children’s nutrition. Developed and made in France, high quality children’s probiotics and infant milk formula are category leaders.

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Healthy Times

Baby’s favorite since 1980, Healthy Times uses organic gentle ingredients to create delicious food and formula for little ones. Produced in the USA, Health Times nutrition is USDA certified organic. 

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Founded in 1958, Dodie is a French institution of baby care. Dodie specializes in glass bottles and baby accessories, and having revolutionalized this market in France, Dodie products are now available in other parts of Europe and Asia.

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Our 6 Foundation Pillars

Our foundations are the principles behind what we do, why we do it and how we go about our business. 



Our people and our passion are the reason we prosper. Our culture is the single most important part of our business for very simple reasons. We inspire and trust each other. We value each other’s expertise and seek to better collaborate with each other and remember life is precious and we should celebrate it every day. 



We are very proud of our history - from humble beginnings and dreams, have come dedication and hard work. Whilst our paths to success may differ, the origins of our brands share many themes and have been led by vision and an entrepreneurial spirit. We remain true to our heritage and the stories behind our brands. 



Science and innovation are a big part of our philosophy, and essential to our position as a global leader. Research is key to unlocking the secrets to wellness. We invest in research and development and collaborate with world-leading experts to strengthen our capability. 



Quality is everything. Through excellence we build trust to become a lifetime partner for the whole family. We seek the best ingredients from across the globe to ensure we provide the best product possible for our consumers.  We manufacture using world-class techniques, and put our products through rigorous testing. 



We are a lifestyle advocate for wellness. Positive health decisions can be influenced and we actively engage people of all ages to live a healthier life. That’s why we work with sporting heroes and Olympic teams as well as celebrities, chefs, community groups, charities, etc., so they can share the story of good health, guide and empower others. 


Global Citizenship

We are a proud global citizen. Building trust and making sustainable decisions are in our heart, together with community we create positive social impacts. From the farmers who grow our ingredients to the scientists and through to our celebrity ambassadors who endorse our products we work with teams who are passionate about what they do.

H&H Group Investor Resources

We first publicly traded on December 17, 2010 (stock code 1112). We are listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Since June 8, 2017 the English stock short name of the Company for trading in the Shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been changed from “BIOSTIME” to “H&H INTL HLDG”.

We run on a fiscal year, closing December 31 of each year.

Visit our resources section to find out more about our reporting and to download investor documents and financial reports.

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